Hi Everyone,

As you know this is Thanks Giving week so the updates to the site will be on hold until after the holiday.

We have added:

  • ziplist so that you can save your recipes to your recipe box via many social networks.
  • All the prints are now black and white minus the pics so you can save ink and incorporate the recipes to your cookbooks.
  • Updates to our backend

We are still not pleased with the look of the site so expect changes there. We are very pleased thus far with ziplist and do plan on keeping it, we are hoping that as we learn more about it that we will love it even more. We will be adding a storefront page where you can buy recipe books in digital download formats from us as well.


Drive safe to those who are traveling to be with family this holiday season and remember that all though some of you may be in a tight situation and things may look sad or bleak that you have each other, you make a difference in everyone’s life just by being you so please be thankful for that as we are for you!