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I am going to use our “ME Page” verbiage for our websites about page with very little editing so that when you see us on an online auction site you know it is us.

Most of you already know who we are!

We are Richard & Ellen aka

da_popa & da_moma

Why Justrecipies?

The spelling of the name is for my families love of pies!

We have been to numerous online auction sites that sell recipes as a way to get feedback. Although there are some excellent & serious recipe sellers in cyber world we have seen that most are not serious. They simply stick up free recipes they have found on the internet with out much effort on their part.

We offer you recipes that are compatible in price, as well as being tried and tested.

Most of our recipes are from our own family cookbooks then the others are from our friends who share them with us to list for your tasting adventure.

We also offer our own self-published recipe E-Books for sell from time to time. Our E-Books only maybe resold if you purchase the resell rights from us.

None of our recipes are for resell, you may give them away for free or offer them for free to your online auction customers as a way to say thank you for their business.

Our Diabetic recipes are a mix of old timer wonderful to our new created ones. They will have a D before the main auction title so that you will know what is specifically for the diabetic or dieting person in your family.

We also carry herbal recipes and do not in no way recommend that you try to treat yourself with out your doctors approval or advise.

We simply offer what our family has used for many years in the hopes that they may benefit you as they have us.

We also offer our game recipes for sell.

We are country folk and we hunt.

We butcher our own meat, use every part that we can and in no way do we support poachers! If you know of a poacher who is only killing animals for a thrill to kill please report them to your local authorities.


A Special Love Note to Dieters:

Please drink plenty of water, walk, walk & walk some more! Do Not get involved with the fad diets.

The have lead to and can lead to heart disease, liver damage diabetes and more!

Also once you stop a fad diet do you realize that you can and in most cases do gain the weight back plus more!!?? In most cases you will gain an extra 10-25lbs!! Now does that truly sound like a good healthy diet to you?

They may sound “Easy” and they maybe very tempting, but your health is far more important then losing weight too quick or the wrong ways.

You should check with your doctor before you start any diets, to be sure your heart and other vital organs are in good condition.

Your doctor will also be able to monitor your success and help to make sure you are not losing weight too quickly.

Your Doctor maybe able to direct you to a source of excellent supplements that will aid your body to losing weight as well as helping to restore the tissues and organs back to health.

Remember, it did not take you over night to become over weight and it will take just as long & in most cases even longer to lose those extra pounds.

You need to be patient, persistent and find the diet that works for your body.

Every one is different and every one will lose weight at their own pace. Do not judge your weight loss to a friend or someone else that you know, they may lose quicker or slower then you do. You need to lose the way your body was designed to lose.

Anorexic bone showing models are not what you are shooting for when trying to lose weight to be healthy!

Trust me they have more weight on them then you realize and some are very sick due to not eating enough calories to nourish their bodies.

I will say this one thousand times if need be,

What you are shooting for when dieting is a healthy body and a healthy eating lifestyle….

Once you obtain that the rest will basically fall into place, the challenge is getting there The right way.

So in closing:

Stay healthy we hope that you enjoy our recipes from regular to diet and every thing in between, we are sure that you will be able to find something to wet your taste buds!

If you are looking for a special recipe or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us, May GOD Bless You!



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